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As a TEFL affiliate partner, you will be responsible for promoting our online and in-class TEFL courses as well as our CELTA courses to South Africans. You only need to work a few hours per day from home or from anywhere with a good internet connection. We give you full digital marketing training so you'll become an expert in just 2 weeks. But are you coachable? Do you have the right attitude, are willing to learn and are persistent? Great, then submit a quick application form and tell us a little more about yourself.

  • Massive Demand For TEFL Training In South Africa

    Many South Africans are desperate for paid work and teaching English online, or overseas, offers a rewarding job opportunity for life!

  • Accredited TEFL courses

    Our online TEFL courses start at just R1,500 and students can decide which level of training they prefer. They can take a basic online course or upgrade to the Cambridge University online certificate. They may even go on to take a 4-week in-class course overseas or CELTA. You earn commissions for each and every class they take.

  • Our Successful Affiliates are High Earners

    We're not joking when we say you can earn a SIX figure income each year. We have affiliates in South Africa making these figures... and we can prove it

  • Affordable Affiliate License

    We offer a scaled-down, but very lucrative version of an established franchise and this affiliate program runs 100% online! No shop, no office, zero stock, and no staff are required. Plus you won't be paying $50,000. This affiliate license and training is just a one-time investment of R45,000, which is around USD $2,995.

Disclaimer: Just like any business, no one can guarantee your income. Your results will depend on your situation, efforts, attitude, skillset, determination, marketing budget, as well as many other factors outside of our control. We can prove that we already have affiliates earning SIX figures per year. However, these results are not typical. But if you are coachable, and you put in the work, then high-income results are possible. At least 60% of your revenue must come from retail sales, and not from recruiting other affiliates. Anything less than 60% of retail sales will be considered as an illegal Ponzi/Pyramid scheme in most countries. We will terminate your affiliate license if you are unable or unwilling to comply with this condition. This affiliate program is honest and ethical. There are no up-line or downline members.

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